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Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

I'm Kenji, a photographer and multi media creator based out of San Diego, CA. From photographing a proposal to creating an online strategy for a small business, I find excitement and fulfillment using my creativity and technical knowledge to provide a solution for people's needs.

Through photography, I've had the opportunity to work with multiple businesses to help them create a digital presence and have continuously been expanding my digital marketing skills. Alongside providing content, I've developed websites and have created strategies to help small businesses get noticed online. We live in an incredible digital age where even the smallest business can leverage online platforms to be seen by the world. This excites me and I continue to explore ways to leverage content and online platforms to scale businesses.

On my free time, I love to surf, rock climb, and explore new photography styles. My current obsession is climbing photography and learning new ways to capture climbers as they challenge themselves up difficult routes. 

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