About me

24 year old digital media artist with a passion for photography, videography, graphic design, and media marketing.

I was born in Berkeley CA, grew up in Kobe Japan, graduated from high school in Waimea Hawaii, and recently graduated with a B.S. in electrical engineering at University of California Davis. 

I enjoy collaborating with different types of artists and love to work on projects that combine multiple genres of art. I have worked alongside professionals such as graphic designers, musicians, models, and directors to create visual content for organizations, companies, individual clients, and myself.

Experience in Media
  • Professional photographer and videographer​

  • PA/Second Shooter for Sean Pamphilon (Film Director)

  • Production Assistant for Jun Stinson (Film Director)

  • Publicity Director for Ski or Snowboard Club at UC Davis

  • Fundraiser Chair and Media Coordinator for Men's Club Volleyball at UC Davis

  • Social Media Manager for McFly's Barbershop

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