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Donkey Label is a Minnesota based cycling and running apparel brand bringing simplicity and quality to the athletics apparel and product market. This project was done for Donkey Label's new release of their Ellen Collection, a line of apparel and products designed by professional racer Ellen Noble. Just like the philosophy behind Donkey Label, the Ellen Collection consists of products that incorporate a simple yet highly noticeable design and branding that can be seen from the stands during a race.​

The focus of this product shoot was to capture the variety of products in action while ensuring that the design and branding was visible and recognizable in both wide and tight frames. The location was chosen for its darker forest colors to create a clear separation between the background and model. The model was a competitive cyclists who raced for a Donkey Label affiliated team and shared a love for their products.

Social Media

The photos are now used to promote the Ellen Collection on Donkey Label's social media accounts and other marketing materials including email newsletter and promotional graphics.​

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