Along with my passion for creative media, I am currently a fourth year electrical engineering student at the University of California Davis. During my four years I worked on numerous projects involving hardware and software. 

PSOC BLE Hardware

Senior design labs 

EE Emerge Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Position: Team Leader

Leading a team of electrical and computer engineers to create an interactive technology exhibit accessible to the general public. Using knowledge in programming, circuitry, logic, and design as well as a range of skills from critical thinking, and teamwork to complete project.

Electronic Design Project at UC Davis

Senior Design....

Image Processing FPGA and Verilog

Designed and constructed custom hardware in Verilog to apply filters to images of various sizes using an Altera FPGA. Designed a single instruction multiple data type style functional unit to compute pixel value histograms of images. Optimize design to minimize speed and power.

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