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Herns Construction is a Los Angeles based general contractor. In 2020 Herns Construction looked to expand their services, as well as explore government contracting. As part of their efforts to reach a larger client base and best position themselves for success in public procurement, they wanted a discoverable website to serve as a central hub for their capabilities and portfolio. 


The first phase of the project consisted of designing and building an informative, SEO driven, portfolio website. The goal was to have a central place for their portfolio but also to generate additional leads in the Los Angeles and Orange County market.

To bring the website to life, I worked with a website development company designing the look of the site, creating visual content, and providing copywrite and SEO guidelines.

Visual Content

To showcase Herns Construction's best work on their new website I visited their completed projects to capture ground and aerial shots. I also had the opportunity to shoot interior photos of their first residential remodel and interior design project as they were expanding their service offerings into residential. Along with displaying on their website, these photos are now used on their capability statement and past work statement to showcase previous work when bidding on government contracts.


The Herns Construction website now appears under the first page of Google Search for 8 keywords, receives around 200 unique visitors per month, and has generated multiple inbound leads and sales over the years. The photos of the first remodel and interior design project received incredibly positive feedback generating 2 additional clients for Herns Construction within a month of releasing the photos on their website and social media. 

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