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NU MVMT is a physical health focused brand with a vision is to provide an informative hub to educate people at home on the body and its connections. They wish to help individuals and families with barriers to health specialists in order to perpetuate their movement of “care for all”. Soon after their launch, NU MVMT released a sustainably sourced apparel line to support their vision and expansion. 

The Challenge

Support NU MVMT's very first "The Neutrals Collections" apparel release through product photography and promotional videos that focuses on radiating a positive and inviting vibe.

The Result

The photos were used on their e-commerce site to showcase the apparel for sale and on their social media to promote the launch of their apparel line. To further promote the launch, I sat down and filmed an interview with one of the co-founders, highlighting the vision and motivation behind the brand. We were able to accomplish our goal of better connecting the audience to the brand, with the first round of apparel selling out, and customers stating that they were drawn by the story told by the founder and wanted to support the brand.

Screenshot 2022-02-07 115117.png
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