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The Spokes are an all female a cappella group at the University of California Davis. For over a decade, The Spokes have hosted HellaCappella, an annual collegiate a cappella performance. With groups from around the country attending, HellaCappella has quickly become one of West Coast's premier a cappella showcases, with audiences reaching over 1800 people. 


Promotional Video

I worked with The Spokes to create a promotional video for the 2018 HellaCappella. The goal of the video was to promote the event details but to also showcase aincredible talent and spirit of The Spokes by filming an entire performance of a song. While getting event details, the viewer can get a

sneak peak of what to expect from the Spokes at HellaCappella. 

The video received 5000+ views on Facebook resulting in a sellout crowd at the showcase.  

Event Photography

Along side creating the promotional video, I attended the showcase 2 years in a row as the main event photographer to capture the dynamic energy of all of the performances. These images were used in their social media, website and campus magazine articles, as well as in later years to promote HellaCappella.

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