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Work Life Mindset provides mindset and career development courses and coaching coaching focused on positivity and community building to help people start living intentional lives. 

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​The challenge was to scale Work Life Mindset's product offering through e-commerce and grow brand awareness by leveraging online platforms and social media channels. 

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The key features that were requested were:

  • E-commerce capabilities to sell products like courses and coaching services

  • Membership portal that hosts the purchased products

  • A way to collect emails from visitors for future email marketing 

  • Integrated scheduling tool that allows visitors to easily schedule a free call

E-Commerce Experience

The goal was to create an easy to navigate and informative purchasing experience from learning about a product, to purchasing, to accessing the product.

In the pre-purchase and purchasing stage, the customer is greeted with visually pleasing website designs, free sneak peaks into products, an option to schedule a free call to learn more, and a simple e-commerce experience. Once a product is purchased, the customer can create an account on the website to access their newly purchased product. Products like courses are fully hosted on the user's account with features like progress tracking, integrated assessments, and community forums, creating a pleasing user experience. 

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The newsletter was started to provide extra value to subscribers with short articles covering different monthly topics and to promote new products, social channels, and the podcast. It has become a loved part of the Work Life Mindset community experience, receiving numerous positive reviews. 

Social Media

The goal was to create a social media strategy with visually pleasing, value adding daily content to turn Work Life Mindset's social media channels into their main out reach and lead generation platforms.

The idea was to attach a face to the brand and create a place where the audience can easily connect with the head coach Chris. We also focused heavily on community building through collaborative live streams with other coaches and free group challenges hosted on the social media channels. Work Life Mindset is now equipped with a posting schedule, design templates, and an engagement strategy to continue to grow their social platforms. 


The Podcast

With the current social media space favoring short form content, the Work Life Mindset podcast offers a place to create a deeper connection with their audience by diving into detail with relevant topics.

Snippets of the podcast are also edited into easily digestible content for social channels like Instagram. I worked closely with the head coach Chris to upgrade his studio and produce the podcast. The podcast is now in season 2 with both video and audio options hosted on multiple streaming platforms.

The Results

Since implementing the new digital marketing strategy and e-commerce site, Work Life Mindset has seen growth of double the coaching clients, triple the inbound leads, an online reach of 35,000+ per month, and additional revenue from online courses, exceeding the prior year's revenue in 2 months. 

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